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Motorbike Shack are sole stockist and licensed distributors for Candy Coat in Europe

What is Candy Coat™?

Candy Coat™ was formulated to detail chrome and paint. We have a special ingredient that makes painted surfaces look wet and glossy and gives chrome a superior depth and luster like no other product out there.

 Candy Coat™ is an industrial-grade detailing spray, not a cleaner or wax, as some will swear it to be. A one-time application will render a shine of up to three weeks! Candy Coat™ will cut down your detailing time in half if not more! There are hundreds of detailing products that can be used on every surface of your vehicle. Some products work great on paint, but not so great on other areas; they will streak, smear or leave behind residue and hazing, especially on chrome or glass. With Candy Coat™, those days are long gone, as our product does not contain any wax or alcohol. It is super easy to use and involves minimum effort. Just spray and gently wipe; no elbow grease needed here! Candy Coat™ will complement any wax applied to your paint. It will also remove any wax residue. Although it may be used under direct sunlight, we recommend you apply Candy Coat™ to a cool, clean surface in a shaded area.

Candy Coat™ is safe to use on vinyl, leather, glass, chrome, paint, fiberglass and motorcycle windshields. It will do wonders for both the outside AND inside of your car! One bottle can replace many products that you may currently be using. You will never hear us downgrading other products to make ours look better. We stand behind our product, which speaks volumes for itself. There is no need for us to con you or sell you on a gimmick! All we ask is that you try our product and make the comparison between your current product and ours. If you like your product best, that’s okay! At least you were open minded enough to give Candy Coat™ a try and we thank you for giving us a chance.


A leading American detailing product, until now not available outside the USA, and now available through us.

Just clean your motorcycle as usual using Vulcanet or your favourite cleaner, and finish off with Candy Coat for a really deep shine. Very easy to use, the 8oz bottle comes with a pump fine mist spray, spray it onto your motorcycle ( or Car) rub in with a micro fibre cloth, and polish off.  For an even deeper shine polish with another micro fibre cloth again.

We have testers here for you to try before buying!